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Being a firefighter means helping your fellow citizens when they need it. Joining and participating in the firefighter association network means helping colleagues and their families when they need it. It is the origin and the direction of the action of all the associative structures, local, departmental, regional and, of course, of the national institutions.

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The Federal Associative Contract (CFA)and the Associative Federal Contract Plus (CFA +) are taken out by the UDSP82 with the MNSPF for all its members (SPP, SPV, PATS, JSP, Alumni). No membership procedure to be carried out, you are a member of the UDSP82 you are covered in addition to your personal insurance or that of the SDIS in the context of an incident in service ordered or an associative activity Firefighters.

This is different from the mutual health group contract set up by the UDSP82 to promote access to social protection for these members, for which this will be an individual approach for each.

  • For active SPVs: Two possibilities to choose from:

  • Either a UDSP82 PACK 100% financed by the UDSP82 for people benefiting from compulsory company mutual insurance, for example. This PACK contains a guarantee of daily allowances in the event of hospitalization or immobilization at home called HOSPI 18 (compensation up to €1400) and a death benefit of €4000 (doubled in the event of an accident and tripled in case of a traffic accident). These guarantees can be combined with any other contract.

  • Either the financing of part of the contribution by the UDSP82 (from €320 to €470 per year depending on the number of years of seniority) on a mutual health insurance UDSP82. For a 20-year-old on a mid-range guarantee, his monthly contribution would then cost him €0.62/month. For everyone, the possibility of significantly reducing your mutual contribution.


  • Former SPV and SPP members of the UDSP82, justifying more than 20 years of firefighting activity and aged 55 years minimum, also have access to a UDSP82 retiree health insurance fund with funding from the UDSP82 of up to €470 /year to also reduce the cost of their mutual.

These contracts are carried by the MNSPF, it is up to each member of the UDSP82 to take the membership process with it to benefit from one or other of the systems (PACK, Mutuelle Santé).

Please note that the cessation of financing by the UDSP82 of one of these products due to unavailability for personal reasons, transfer, end of commitment, etc. is not a termination. These are individual contracts. If, following the end of participation, the member does not wish to keep the contract, it is up to him to take the termination procedure with the MNSPF.

Our MNSPF correspondent is Mrs Héloïse ROUMEGOUX, here is her contact details. Do not hesitate to contact her to get the minimum information: 06 69 76 68 81 /

"Beyond the civic commitment to bring relief in

being a volunteer firefighter, there are firefighters who devote their time to other firefighters"

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